The Red Twins help with twin crushing

My friend and I have the same crush but she doesn’t know. Help?! This is a hard question to answer because your feelings for your crush is clashing with your ...

Top 10 places to eat off campus

Kayla Camacho, Staff Writer 10) Longwood Grille and Bar Does anyone ever actually go there?  I’m pretty sure it only exists to make us mortals feel bad as we sit ...

Strawberry honey oat muffins

Adrienne Conza, Staff Writer Who doesn’t want to start their day off with a delicious, fluffy muffin?  Yet so many muffins available nowadays are chock full of unnecessary sugar, fat, ...

Hot off the Press

Winsor Squash 2015

This has probably been one of the craziest winters ever in Boston, ...

Standardizing smart

Emily Siff, Staff Writer IQ tests, grades, standardized testing, and more, people ...

Ichthyosis Vulgaris

Barakah Quader, Staff Writer First off, DON’T Google Image this. Trust me, ...

On the Stove

Answers for juniors about the college process

Barakah Quader, Staff Writer What’s the difference between early decision and early action? Early decision is when you apply early to a school, and if you get accepted, you must go (unless you deem the financial aid insufficient and the tuition unaffordable). Basically, if you have commitment issues, early decision is not for you. Early action, […]

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Foods to enhance mood for mid-term

Adrienne Conza, Staff Writer Welcome back to school!  For me, one of the hardest parts of the school year is the few weeks after winter break. With exams, cold weather, and the natural slump of having just come back from a fun, stress-free break, it can be difficult to keep your spirits up. Fortunately, there […]

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Dark Chocolate Orange Truffle

Adrienne Conza, Staff Writer Everyone loves to receive food as a gift, especially chocolate.  So one of my favorite gifts to give around the holidays is a box of homemade dark chocolate orange truffles. These truffles taste of rich chocolate with a colorful hint of oranges. The bright taste of citrus adds another dimension to […]

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Global problems on a Winsor scale

Grace Eysenbach, Guest Writer The EU published a report recently on what they believe to be the world’s 10 biggest problems. While students at Winsor are indeed extremely privileged in some respects, even we are not immune to some of the major issues facing our current society. World Hunger: When you arrive at snack 5 […]

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Pros and cons of winter sports

Kayla Camacho and Nicole Cerulli Since we’re now a couple weeks into the winter sports season, we thought it would be appropriate to analyze the pluses and minuses of the various sports options available at Winsor.  You can tell us how accurate you think they are. Basketball Pros could become next Michael Jordan you’re probably […]

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Scary music

Emily Siff, Staff Writer How do you know music is scary? When the lights on the screen dim, the low bass music starts up at an irregular pace, and Hollywood’s newest monster suddenly appears, it’s pretty obvious to you that scary music is playing. But do you know this just based on visual association? Was […]

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Break up with your friends? –The Red Twins

Question: How do I tell a friend that I think we should stop being friends because it’s a one-sided friendship that they only use when convenient? First and foremost, I would like to applaud you for understanding that you deserve more than a friend who is using you when convenient. You’re right, true friends give, […]

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DIY snow globe

Adrienne Conza, Staff Writer One of my favorite things about December is when it snows and the world looks like a winter wonderland. I think there is something simply magical about snow. Therefore, I think snow globes are fascinating and beautiful because they capture little moments of winter magic in a jar. So when I […]

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What teachers are thankful for

Barakah Quader, Staff Writer Today’s thanksgiving (aka, my favorite day of the year), so in spirit of the holiday, we asked some teachers what they were thankful for!

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5 tips for healthier pies

Adrienne Conza, Staff Writer One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is eating leftover pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the few days after Thanksgiving that our pies last. I know it doesn’t sound like the healthiest thing, but seriously, who has enough self control to limit themselves to one slice of pie a […]

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