Global problems on a Winsor scale

Grace Eysenbach, Guest Writer

The EU published a report recently on what they believe to be the world’s 10 biggest problems. While students at Winsor are indeed extremely privileged in some respects, even we are not immune to some of the major issues facing our current society.

  1. World Hunger:
  • When you arrive at snack 5 minutes late and all the Ritz are gone.

Does eating these Ritz Cracker crumbs make me look like a hamster?

Maybe saltines will do…but no…those are all gone too.

  1.  Spread of Disease:
  • You didn’t think that a history paper could be a virus, but the week it’s due everyone has come down with the same mysterious illness.

Population Week Prior to History Paper: 55

Population Week of History Paper: 25

  1. Increasing Global Population:
  • That science wing bathroom just isn’t large enough to deal with the influx of students attempting to avoid the confusion of Honors Chemistry.

Where does this line even start?

Why does nothing ever make sense?

  1. Lack of Drinking Water:
  • Traveling miles across the Winsor campus in search of the one water fountain that actually has cold water.

How many of these little cups in Mrs. Stettler’s office is it socially acceptable to use?

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