Ichthyosis Vulgaris

Barakah Quader, Staff Writer

First off, DON’T Google Image this. Trust me, you don’t want to see it.

So what is it? Ichthyosis vulgaris is a skin condition that causes dead cells to build up in patches that resemble fish scales. It’s hereditary and only requires one parent to be passed on. I have had dry skin my whole life and despite listening to my mom always telling me to moisturize multiple times a day, my skin remained dry. When I learned that I have a mild ichthyosis vulgaris, I was somewhat relieved because it meant that I wasn’t moisturizing wrong (I don’t know how you’d manage to do that, but you never know).

When I went to Wikipedia for more insight, I learned that apparently people who have ichthyosis vulgaris often have issues with self-image and — for some reason — also have an addictive personality. I was kind of surprised when I read this, not only because I finally understood why I’m so addicted to Buzzfeed, but also because I didn’t understand why dry skin would make anyone self-conscience. But I didn’t want to completely disregard this idea. I began to pay more attention to my interactions with other people and for the most part I was fine, but I found that I wasn’t all around confident about my skin. I  realized that I feel slightly self-conscious when I shake hands with someone I just met. People have felt my hands and told me that my skin does not feel like real skin, and have gone as far as to pinch it hard and ask whether it hurt. Yes, it hurts; I still have nerve endings. Whenever I hold my hand out, a small part of me is worried that I’m to gross the other person out.

But regardless of the negative impact that the condition has, it’s not without its benefits.

1) This is also known as fish scale disease
You may as well be fish-man. Half fish, half man, all the superhero.


2) Your hands don’t sweat.
con: if you’re holding hands with someone and you feel sweat, you know it’s not yours. ew.


3) You are always cool.
Someone that is cool is kind of aloof and not easily flustered. Back in the day, cool used to be a slang to refer to people who did not show signs of discomfort by doing things such as sweating. Because of your skin condition, sweating really isn’t a problem. #coolforlife


4) It’s a great ice breaker
when you’re at a party and there’s an awkward silence, just hold out your hand and let everyone feel it. You may get a few weird looks when you do this, but don’t stop. You’ve gone too far now and you just need to commit.


5) Pretty pattern?
Maybe this is a stretch, but hey, your skin dries in a special formation.


6) Too hot to handle
You can handle things that your friends can’t because they think it’s too hot. Your calloused hands act as shields.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.37.58 PM

7) It’s not that uncommon
So maybe this isn’t really a benefit, but at least this skin condition isn’t that uncommon. About 1 in 250 people have fish scale disease.

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