The Red Twins help with twin crushing

My friend and I have the same crush but she doesn’t know. Help?!

This is a hard question to answer because your feelings for your crush is clashing with your for you friend, but I think that the popular Disney show, Shake It Up, is right in that “Sisters before misters” should be your policy.

The way I view it, friends are forever and crushes, especially ones you form in high school, are fleeting. Yet, just because you know that a friendship is more valuable at this stage in your life does not mean that it is easy to deal with that understanding. Normally I would suggest that you talk to your friend about your feelings for this person but I think that this may cause more drama than good. I am all about communication but in this specific situation, it may cause strain in your friendship.

If you feel that you really cannot get over him, perhaps try to distance yourself from him and give yourself time to get over him. If your friend ever brings him up, perhaps mention that you don’t really want to talk about him and switch the topic. Though I am suggesting that you don’t tell your friend how you feel about your mutual crush, maybe you can tell another friend that you trust to keep your secret as a way to release tension. Telling a friend that  you trust can help you sort your feelings and move forward.

Of course, I am making the assumption that friendship is more important to you than someone you have a crush on. But trust me, friends are worth it! The only reason that I think that you should move on and allow you friend to do whatever she wants without interference is because she was the first to announce her feelings for him–sorry, but she beat you to the chase. Your time at Winsor will be determined by you friendships, and they will be the ones you come back to after you graduate. It’s great to have crushes but not at the risk of ruining a great relationship. You can always find someone new to catch your interest but you can’t always find a good friend.

Good luck on your endeavours!


– The Red Twins

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