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Donate to the ARF MSPCA drive

By Ananya Mahalingam-Dhingra, RHR Staff Do you have any extra towels, blankets, sheets, or animal toys? Bring them in and donate to ARF’s (Animal Rights Forum) spring drive! All proceeds go to the MSPCA adoption center at Angell hospital in Boston. Anything for dogs, cats, birds, or small animals (i.e. rabbits, gerbils, etc.) will work, […]

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Athletics - Dieter Baumann

Fun for a good cause: run (or walk) the SPFO 5K!

By Isabel Fine, Guest Writer Hello, fellow Winsor-ites. Now, I’m not an official Red Hot Read writer, but I’m here to address you all on a matter that is of extreme importance: an event on Saturday, April 28. Now, I’m not talking about Prom (don’t be silly!), I’m talking about the Single Parent Family Outreach […]

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The secret life of Winsor’s Model UN chapter

By Maya Jay, RHR Staff Things you may have heard in the halls over the past few weeks: “I have to re-edit my position paper.” “My operative clauses are a mess.” “What do you mean by western business attire?” “How long are committee sessions? 3-4 hours?! You’ve got to be kidding me!” These are the […]

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Portrait of stylish lesbian couple holding heart-shaped balloons, studio shot

SADD’s Valentine’s festivities support love and equality

By Emma Finder, RHR Staff This Valentine’s Day, SADD has planned three exciting events: cookie decorating, a raffle, and a week-long heart hunt. This week is Identity Week at Winsor, so in honor of the celebration of love and the many kinds of love that exist, revenue from SADD’s raffle and cookie sale are going […]

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Amnesty and Current Events Club to host guest speaker Dr. Mansour Werfalli

By Michelle Peters, RHR Staff Join Amnesty and Current Events Club tomorrow, November 30, at lunch in the MPR to see guest speaker Dr. Mansour Werfalli. Dr. Werfalli, a native Libyan, will be speaking about his home country’s recent revolution. According to The New York Times, Libya was officially liberated only a little over a […]

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Re-lighting the Lamp: lit mag offers prizes, will collaborate with BH and Nobles

By Maia Raynor, RHR Staff Every Winsor girl’s favorite literary magazine, Winsor’s very own Lamp, is making some big changes this year. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lamp, it’s semiannually published magazine filled with poems, stories, plays, and photographs created by Winsor students. However, in recent years, the number of submissions has […]

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Photos: Art Club sponsors “Princess Diaries”-style student creation

By Emma Finder, RHR Staff One of my favorite scenes in The Princess Diaries is when Mia (Anne Hathaway) and her mother paint with balloons. So I was unsurprised that many upper schoolers gleefully took the chance to create their own balloon-paint masterpiece last Monday in the courtyard. Sponsored by Art Club, the event took place near […]

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Still Life of Sushi

Asia Club gives students of all backgrounds the chance to explore Asian culture

By Alice Lu, Guest Writer Winsor has a Latin Club, a Spanish Club, and a French Club. Why not have an Asia Club? Asia Club is a place for Winsor students of all backgrounds (not just Asians) to learn about the many cultures of Asia. In the club, we discuss what is happening in Asia […]

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Potential Growth: Tutoring Kids at The Mather School

By Annie Batten, RHR Staff Looking for something fun to do on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30- 5:00? I know I was when I joined Mather in 10th grade. I got completely hooked and am now a co-head of the club with Shoshi Spurlock. For those of you who don’t know, club members tutor elementary school students […]

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10 Reasons I Do Chorale

By Hadley Williams, RHR Staff It’s Monday, September 12th: what are you doing after school? Maybe you have some time before sports to just hang out, go for a short trip to Bruegger’s or the Gal, or hang out in your homeroom. All these things are fun, but what is even MORE fun is coming […]

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